General Regulations

Check wristband

It’s mandatory to wear the wristband on the wrist all weekend.


Loaded truck

It is forbidden to enter the terrain with a loaded truck!


Open fire

Open fire is strictly forbidden. This also covers fire pits.


Barbecuing on the grass is not allowed!!! Use a deck or tailgate.

It’s mandatory to have a bucket of water or fire extinguisher standing by the barbecue.



It is strictly forbidden to take drinks with you that are packaged in glass!!!

Other packaging is allowed, preferably plastic or carton.


During the truckshow it’s forbidden to deliver food and drinks from outside.


Swimming pool

A swimming pool, and everything that looks like a swimming pool, is forbidden.


Noise nuisance

It’s strictly forbidden to cause noise nuisance after 9:30 pm with the engine runing, honking the horn, sound system or any other form of noise nuisance.


Driving ban

During the weekend, it’s forbidden to drive with a truck or any other motor vehicle on the terrain. Unless there is permission from the organization.


Under influence

A person who drives a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be transferred directly to the police.


Arrest and transfer to police

By threat, violence, vandalism, drug possession, drug dealing and theft we immediately proceed to activation and transfer to the police.


Risk and liability

Visit and participation of this event, is at your own risk. The organization is not liable for damage and/or injury in any form. One must always follow the instructions of the organization, crew and security.



Garbage must be thrown in the appropriate containers/ bins. Bulky waste you take back yourself (sofas, refrigerators and the like). If you don’t have a container/bin nearby, contact the organization.



When glassware is found, the organization / security will be forced to confiscate this, including the content.

Violation of the rules can result in you being removed from the event site.